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Applications of TinyML

Experience TinyML in practice

This online course helps you learn first-hand how to train models for tiny applications such as keyword spotting, visual wake words, and gesture recognition.

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Fundamentals of TinyML

Learn the language of TinyML

This online course focuses on the basics of machine learning and embedded systems, such as smartphones, this course will introduce you to the language of TinyML.

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Deploying TinyML

Implement a TinyML application

Learn to program in TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers so that you can write the code, and deploy your model to your very own tiny microcontroller.

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Introduction to Data Science with Python

Learn Python for data analysis

Join Harvard University Professor Pavlos Protopapas, in this online course to learn how to use Python to harness and analyze data.

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Using Python for Research

Elevate your research skills with Python

Join Harvard University faculty to take your introductory knowledge of Python programming to the next level and learn how to use Python 3 for your research.

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Digital Humanities in Practice: From Research Question to Results

Use data science to enhance your research

Combine literary research with data science to find answers in unexpected ways. Learn basic coding tools to draw insights from thousands of documents at once.

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Invasions, Rebellions, and the Fall of Imperial China

An overview of modern Chinese history

Join Harvard University faculty in this online course for an overview of modern Chinese history, including the fall of the Qing and the end of imperial China.

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Creating Modern China: The Republican Period to the Present

The birth of modern China

Join Harvard University faculty to explore the birth of modern China with a focus on the time between the fall of the Qing and the end of World War II.

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Cosmopolitan Tang: Aristocratic Culture in China

Discovery poetry, calligraphy, and literature during this period

Join Harvard University faculty in this online course to explore the reunification of China under the Tang focusing on culture—from poetry to calligraphy.