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Learn how to think strategically with leaders from public leadership and Harvard Kennedy School

In our course Strategy Execution for Public Leadership, Eric Rosenbach takes on this vital mission. The course, designed for public sector leaders, addresses pressing questions such as:

Harvard Online's Top 10 Courses of 2022

We’re ringing in the new year by looking back on 2022 with a list of our most popular courses over the past year. Our top courses from 2022 are as varied and interesting as our vast, global community of learners. From world-famous classics like CS50 and Justice, there’s truly a course for everybody.

New Course Announcement: Discover the Jewish Bible’s History as a Physical Artifact

Can a book teach us more than just what is written inside of it?

New Course Announcement: Building Personal Resilience

Our latest course Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health uses applied psychology to build personal resilience with five science-driven skills.

New Course Announcement: Learn How To Improve Equality In Health Care

Our latest course in the Health Care Leadership Series, Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care, addresses these exact challenging conversations alongside faculty and industry leaders from Harvard Medical School (HMS), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH), and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Implementing A Strategic Leadership Approach For Long-Term Success

Public sector leaders face unique challenges when it comes to making strategic, business-oriented decisions. If not thoroughly planned and executed, these decisions have real consequences with high-stakes outcomes.

How To Earn CME Credits with Harvard Online Courses On Health

Harvard University faculty guide you through topics with a focus on the current state of the US health care system and how you can apply innovative approaches to make improvements within your organization.

Understanding Business Strategy to Facilitate Health Care Success

Go beyond simply creating value to develop the critical thinking and analytical skills to evaluate the needs of your business, and its constituents, in order to optimize business decisions and inform new or innovative health care ventures.

Everything you need to know about discounts and financial assistance for Harvard Online courses

We’re proud to bring the Harvard University experience and expertise to you, regardless of your distance from our historic Cambridge, MA campus.

The Business of Health Care in the United States

The business of health care in the United States is complicated. How can we ensure that patients have access to care while still adopting important, life-saving innovations that have the potential to improve health and health care?

Is Remote Work the Key to Increasing Open Innovation?

Creating collaborative global teams has never been more essential. Harvard Business School Professors Tsedal Neeley and Karim Lakhani discuss how to bring the outside world into your organization.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Watch a webinar about the data privacy trade-offs and challenges presented by today’s ever-changing role of technology.

What do Chick-fil-A and Stitch Fix have in common?

How can data science benefit your business decisions? By combining knowledge and analysis of data with business acumen, modern companies can become experts in data science execution.

Top 10 Summer Courses for Students

Whether you’re trying to enhance your college application, want to get a head start on your fall semester courses, or are looking to develop further skills for your entry into the job market, here are our top 10 Harvard Online courses students should take this summer.

Putting Data to Work

What does data readiness for the modern business professional require? Watch a webinar about how data science can be used by non-technical managers.

Building Data Science into your Strategy

What’s your favorite example of a company using data well? What stood out to you about the way they used data?