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For our community, from Cambridge to Tokyo, recent grad to retiree, entry-level to CEO, learning is a lifelong journey. Our global campus unites learners around the world to build competence, curiosity, and confidence. Solving the world’s toughest problems takes all of us. Harvard Online empowers you to meet complex challenges and find new opportunities in a rapidly-shifting world. See what some of our learners have to say about the impact of our courses on their lives. 

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Yuni Widiawati


Our Learners Are Curious

"An unquenchable curiosity about the marvels of life has propelled my journey..."

Our Learners Are Confident

"I gained confidence in myself as a specialist."


Learner with certificate


Our Learners Are Competent

"The program gave me the confidence to take on more challenging projects and the skills to successfully complete them. "

What does it mean to be part of the Harvard Online Global Community of Learners?

"Being a part of the Harvard community of global learners is for me an honor because Harvard is a school I have always wanted to attend due to its wonderful reputation and its high level of education. And now being able to benefit from their courses online is one achievement I am highly proud of and excited about."

Phedorah P.
Harvard Online Learner, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

"The Havard community provides space for peer learning."

Onesmo O.
Harvard Online Learner, Strategy Execution for Public Leadership


"It's about being a part of something much bigger and more impactful."

Harvard Online Learner, Human Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Cases

"Being a part of the Harvard Global Community of Learners is an incredibly honored and significant opportunity for me. It allowed me to receive a high quality education from one of the world's top universities. The course equipped me with valuable knowledge, cleared obstacles in my learning path, and propelled me forward in my research journey. It also provided me the chance to exchange ideas with classmates and instructors, enriching my own thoughts and perspectives."

Ethan W.
Harvard Online Learner, Fundamentals of TinyML

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How have our courses impacted you, your career, or your community? How has the ability to learn from Harvard professors anywhere changed your educational goals? What was your motivation to complete your certificate?  We want to know more about your experience and what inspires you to keep learning. 

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