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For our community, from Cambridge to Tokyo, recent grad to retiree, entry-level to CEO, learning is a lifelong journey. Our global campus unites learners around the world to build competence, curiosity, and confidence. Solving the world’s toughest problems takes all of us. Harvard Online empowers you to meet complex challenges and find new opportunities in a rapidly-shifting world. See what some of our learners have to say about the impact of our courses on their lives. 

On Data Privacy and Technology

"The course was informative on both current and future data privacy and technological innovation trends—the need for data privacy without inhibiting innovation. The team and instructors prompt critical thinking while broadening the understanding of data privacy beyond the frontiers. At the end of the course, I concluded that there was a need for a mass cultural shift towards ethical use of technology."

Joanita Nagaba
Co-founder, ANJ Data Management Solutions Africa Ltd.

On Data Privacy and Technology

"I love the way the course is structured with real-world examples and the critical thinking sessions. It forces us to reflect upon what is happening around us. People who have an interest in cybersecurity, as well as those that would like to gain more general knowledge, would greatly benefit from this course."

Anand Narayan
Account Executive, Lenovo Canada

On CS50x, CS50 AI, and CS50 Game Development

"I'm part of an international community of self-starters, developing and learning in a world-class teaching environment. The fact that it's open to all is absolutely brilliant. I've benefited enormously in both knowledge and confidence. It's great to think there are others earning the same satisfaction and surprising themselves in the same way!"

Amanda Flood
United Kingdom

On Introduction to Family Engagement in Early Education and Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory and Practice

"I feel connected with a large body of learners and practitioners by being a part of Harvard Community of Learners. A lot of learning during the courses came from reading and viewing the works and ideas of fellow learners. It feels good to know that like me there are so many people of all age groups, regions and countries eager to learn and find solutions to some of our common problems, thereby helping to make this world a better place."

Rajiv Kumar Sharma

On Data Science Principles

"This is a topic that people in any industry should have at least basic knowledge of in order to create more efficient and competitive businesses, tools, and resources."

Carlos E. Sapene
Chief Executive Officer

On Health Care Economics

“This is an amazing course. The professor did a fantastic job dissecting the complexities of healthcare into chewable chunks." 

Howard H. Dinh, MD, FACC
Medical Director, Cardiac Services, Greater Sacramento
The Permanente Medical Group and Chief, Cardiology
Kaiser Permanente, South Sacramento

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