Health Care Leadership

What do you need to lead a
business in the health care sector?

About this Series

Why is health care so expensive in America? How can digital technologies improve outcomes? What is the impact of racial disparities on patients and providers? 

Health care is a complex, multidisciplinary endeavor, requiring leaders to direct and motivate diverse teams representing varying educational and cultural backgrounds as well as different business functions. 

Health Care Leadership is designed for emerging leaders in provider, payer, and life sciences organizations. The series includes courses in business strategy, economics, and digital health, delivering key lessons in leadership and management for today’s health care landscape. Taken together, these courses allow you to develop a comprehensive approach to health care leadership and consider strategies for an ever evolving sector.

Health Care Leadership courses are developed with health care professionals in mind. Harvard University faculty guides you through topics with a specific focus on the current state of the US health care system and how you can apply innovative strategies to make improvements within your organization. 

Who Will Benefit

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Researchers - Entrepreneurs

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Medical Providers

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About the Faculty

These series courses represent the breadth and depth of Harvard University and its faculty. Learn from professors across disciplines—from Harvard Medical School to Harvard Business School—and hear from experts in leading industries around the globe. Benefit from this wide ranging expertise, studying topics from different points of view and with different categories of emphasis.

Courses in this Series

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Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care

Address racial biases and barriers. Improve equality in health care.

In partnership with the Disparities Solutions Center at MGH, this course will help you deliver high-quality health care to all through organizational change.

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Health Care Economics

Explore the economic forces shaping US health care

Taught by Harvard Medical School faculty, this course provides insights into the interactions between industries in the US health care sector and teaches what economic forces are shaping health care.

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Digital Health

The future of health care is digital

Digital technologies and big data offer tremendous opportunities to improve health care.

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Health Care Strategy

Understand business strategy to facilitate health care success

Learn from HBS Professor Leemore Dafny how to align the principles of business strategy with the unique challenges and structures of health care organizations to capture value, define your mission, and lead your organization to success.

Additional Courses

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Bioethics: The Law, Medicine, and Ethics of Reproductive Technologies and Genetics

An introduction to the study of bioethics

Bioethics provides an overview of the legal, medical, and ethical questions around reproduction and human genetics and how to apply legal reasoning to these questions.

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Innovating in Health Care

Find opportunities to innovate in health care

Innovating in Health Care (IHC) explores how creating successful global business ventures in health care will not only improve access, but also better meet the needs of consumers and societies.

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Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health

Improve the well-being of your company while increasing revenue

This course provide businesses with strategies, tactics, and tools to gain a competitive advantage by implementing a Culture of Health to address these issues and stay ahead.

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Global Health Delivery

Design your own global health intervention

Drive global healthcare transformation with an understanding of the challenges facing healthcare delivery and the factors influencing health and disease.


Courses in Development

In conjunction with the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, this course will use real-world examples, case studies, and insights from leaders in the field to help you digest the latest in understanding racial disparities in health care — allowing you to create strategic approaches that you can apply to your organization. 

Understanding the building blocks of effective teamwork is vital for leaders in the diverse and dynamic field of health care. Through a series of exercises, examples, and videos, learners will be introduced to the key concepts of teamwork as they apply to today’s dynamic healthcare environments.