Building Data Science into your Strategy

Courses Mentioned in this Post: Data Science Principles

What’s your favorite example of a company using data well? What stood out to you about the way they used data?

Most people initially think of Facebook, Google, or Amazon when thinking about the utility of data science. But the reality is data science is being for lots of different purposes, from fast food to retail, and for a company to use data effectively, they don’t just need to hire teams of data scientists, they need individual contributors, managers, and executives to think more strategically about data science.  

“Organizations often tend to think that data is the Holy Grail, it’s going to solve all our problems. But it doesn’t solve the need for coming up with a good strategy in the first place,” says Professor Dustin Tingley in a January 2021 conversation with professor Bharat Anand. “I’ve got a dream that every data scientist has to take your class, Bharat, Economics for Managers, and every manager has to take Data Science Principles. That two-way communication is just really important.”

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