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January 2024
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What You'll Learn

The FinTech landscape has been largely defined by disruptive technology transforming banking and financial services. However, the industry is no longer being measured by its potential impact, but rather who is currently driving this innovation and how to strategically engage with it. Now is the time to familiarize yourself with the necessary regulatory frameworks and infrastructure.

The FinTech online short course from Harvard’s Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL), in association with HarvardX, provides an up-to-date look into the maturing FinTech industry. You’ll explore how organizations have filled gaps left by existing financial institutions to successfully meet customers’ shifting needs. Guided by experts, you’ll gain insight into the changing nature of the financial sector and a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and innovations transforming finance and business. Through innovative pedagogical approaches pioneered by the Harvard Business School (HBS), this course adapts the Case Method Approach used in on-campus programs at HBS for online study, presenting real-life challenges that reflect the complex, dynamic nature of the FinTech environment. 


The course will be delivered via Get SmarterBy the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Go beyond FinTech hype with the skills to drive innovation initiatives
  • Understand the technologies shaping the future of finance
  • Explore the potential for partnerships between incumbents, new age tech companies, and investors
  • Analyze how competing interests may influence the way FinTech reshapes traditional banking
  • Determine how FinTech corporations are changing the traditional currency regime
  • Identify who is currently adopting and driving financial innovations using real-world examples to assess the changes, disruptions, and adaptations resulting from the rise of FinTech solutions
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Your Instructors

Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen

L.E. Simmons Professor of Business Administration

Christopher Malloy

Christopher Malloy

Sylvan C. Coleman Professor of Financial Management

Who Will Benefit

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Learn to contextualize, interpret, and respond to the transformed financial services industry.

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Adopt the creative methods and strategic approaches commonly used in the FinTech industry.

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Gain the knowledge and tools to prepare for FinTech disruption within your own organization.

Learner Testimonials

On FinTech

"Harvard X Fintech course was the missing key ingredient to my past work experience composed of both traditional banking and tech entrepreneurship. The course gave me the necessary tools, practical case studies and connections, and knowledge to vet our business model, make the necessary partnership decisions and launch my new fintech venture."

Karl Naim
Co-Founder & CEO of Purpl

On FinTech

“Taking this six-week FinTech course as a junior with little to no knowledge in the field was a big step for me. Knowing that I want to pursue a career in the FinTech field, I can now say that I have made the best decision by taking the course. From the instructors to the success team, the only goal is to give you the most up-to-date and useful knowledge in the field. After the six weeks, I was able to make arrangements with high-end people from the field, network with people who share the same interest in FinTech, and generate ideas that could possibly turn into a project.”

Onuralp Demirer
Student, New York Institute of Technology

On FinTech

"The course was quite stimulating and challenging, the Harvard way. The experience and diversity in the class was excellent, the quality of lecture materials, delivery, academic support and the academic team was second to none. In the true sense of it, the HarvardX Fintech Course equipped me with the requisite knowledge and skills to steer our Fintech company towards our trajectory and ambitious goals. I highly recommend the HarvardX Fintech Course.”

Obinna Anyanwu
Managing Director/CEO of Capital Square Limited
Chairman of the Board of Business Process Technologies Limited

On FinTech

"The HarvardX FinTech course has opened my mind on the digital transformation that the internet is going through. The course has elevated me to thinking in new ways. Thank you to the whole team delivering the course, from support team to professors and tutors, the journey was a fantastic experience and opened me to the future."

Sophie Sablé
Head of Finance, Majid Al Futtaim

On FinTech

“The Fintech course has provided me a great deal of knowledge about the FinTech industry. It also helped increase my skills set on the governance and policy issues as well as insights on key emerging technologies such as Ethereum, Binance, etc…. Hence, the learning helped reinforce my perspective on the opportunity of leveraging Fintech as I am spearheading the initiative on the design and deployment of the Africa Trade Exchange (ATEX) B2B platform in support of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.”

Almoustapha Amadou Cisse
Chief Technology Officer, UN Economic Commission for Africa

On FinTech

“I discovered in a few in-depth weeks that FinTech is far more outreaching than what we see from our area of expertise, It opened up brand new perspectives to the way I look at my industry. ”

Vincent Bourgne
Head of Data and Analytics, SWIFT

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