New Course Announcement: Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health

Published December 19, 2022

Courses Mentioned in this Post: Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health


Have you ever wondered how you might be able to lead a more fulfilling and resilient life? Perhaps you want to feel at ease more often than you feel stressed, but you don’t know how? Maybe you find it difficult to consider another perspective or find a solution to a problem you’re having?

If you’ve ever felt stressed, burned out, anxious or sad, you’re not alone. These moments are challenging and make it difficult to find a way forward. However, you can use science-backed tools to help manage these experiences and the emotions that come along with them.

Learn to tackle personal or professional obstacles you are facing in our latest course Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health. Dr. Luana Marques, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of the critically acclaimed book Almost Anxious, has identified five proven skills to transform your feelings of stress, anxiety, and burn out into mental strength.

“The skills in this course have been tested across populations, across age ranges, and around the globe,” notes Dr. Luana Marques. “My hope is that everyone can rely on these skills to change the trajectory of their lives.” 

Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health was selected by edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, as one of 10 courses to receive grants totaling $1 million to develop courses in Essential Human Skills for the Virtual Age.

With a focus on proven psychology philosophies and science-driven skills to overcome challenges, Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health breaks down five core components to creating better stress management habits. A practical overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will give you a foundation for building your resilient skillset. By recognizing your own cycle of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors (TEB), you will be able to shift your perspective. The “Charge Up Plan,” gives you a resource to infuse energy into every day.

We all face challenging decisions and experience stressful situations at some point in our lives. Building mental strength and personal resilience is possible when you focus on implementing simple but powerful tools in your everyday life.

Are you ready to become your most resilient self? Enroll now to begin this brand new course in summer 2023!

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