How to Earn CME Credits with Harvard Online Courses on Health

Published November 8, 2022

Courses Mentioned in this Post: Digital Health, Health Care Economics, Health Care Strategy, Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care
Series Mentioned in this Post: Health Care Leadership


Why is health care so expensive in America? How can digital technologies improve health outcomes? What is the impact of racial disparities on patients and providers? 

Health care is a complex, multidisciplinary endeavor, requiring leaders to direct and motivate diverse teams representing varying educational and cultural backgrounds as well as different business functions. 

Harvard Online’s series on Health Care Leadership is designed for emerging leaders in provider, payer, and life sciences organizations. The series includes courses in business strategy, economics, and digital health, delivering key lessons in leadership and management for today’s health care landscape. Taken together, these courses allow you to develop a comprehensive approach to health care leadership and a strategy to succeed in this ever-evolving sector.

Health Care Leadership courses are developed with health care professionals in mind. Harvard University faculty guide you through topics with a specific focus on the current state of the US health care system and how you can apply innovative approaches to make improvements within your organization. 

Physicians Can Earn CME Credits with Harvard Online’s series on Health Care Leadership

Harvard Medical School is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Harvard Medical School designates the enduring material of: 

Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Upon successful completion of any of the courses listed above, participants may claim their credits through the Harvard Medical School’s continuing education platform.

Explore Health Care Leadership Courses


Choose A Starting Point For Your Health Care Leadership Journey

These series courses represent the breadth and depth of Harvard University and its faculty. Learn from professors across disciplines—including Harvard Medical School to Harvard Business School—and hear from industry experts. Benefit from this wide ranging expertise, studying topics from different points of view and with different categories of emphasis.

Digital Health with Stanley Y. Shaw, MD, PhD

Millions of health-related data points are captured every day, from individual-level information collected by our personal devices and tests at the doctor's office to population-level data about disease prevalence and treatment outcomes. Digital technologies have transformed how we buy and listen to music and how we plan our travel. Can health care be next? 

Throughout this online course, you’ll take part in a fictional hackathon, working alongside other learners to determine which digital tools to invest in. With the help of real-world case studies and protagonists, you will become the judge and evaluate how well the hackathon competitors fit the needs of patients, physicians, payers, and, ultimately, future health care ecosystems. In doing so, you’ll consider the impact digital tools have on patients, providers, and payers to understand how data tracking and digital technologies can improve patient care, enhance communications between doctors and patients, increase employee benefits and happiness, and share data to track health trends and develop solutions.

Taught by Harvard Medical School Associate Dean for Executive Education Stanley Y. Shaw, MD, PhD, this course explores innovative frameworks to think strategically about adopting and implementing digital transformation in your organization.

The future of health is digital.

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Health Care Economics with Professor Michael Chernew, PhD

What are the primary drivers of rising health care costs? How does money shape your decision-making as a patient? As a provider? As a payer? 

Balancing the needs of patients and purchasers is a daily struggle for health care leaders and central to the success of any health care business. To make this happen, clinical, research, operational, and financial leaders need a shared understanding of the true drivers of health care spending, the policies that shape and define the sector, and how financial incentives impact both patient and provider behavior. This course will examine health care spending growth, considering new technologies and other economic factors, and explore the theoretical framework behind controlling spending growth through changes to benefit design and payment reform.

Led by Harvard Medical School professor Michael Chernew, PhD, Chair of The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), this course allows you to gain a better understanding of core economic principles as you learn how to create more compelling programs, develop more effective growth strategies, negotiate better reimbursement contracts and partnerships, and advocate more effectively both inside and outside your organization.

Explore the economic forces shaping US health care.

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Health Care Strategy with Professor Leemore Dafny

Balancing the needs of multiple parties—patients, purchasers, and providers—can be daunting and many decision makers struggle to meet the growing demands of an evolving industry. By exploring real-world case studies, you will step into the shoes of health care business leaders and learn to face these problems directly, identifying both opportunities and challenges, to derive actionable insights for your own business. Further, you will use economic and policy frameworks to seek ways to improve the efficiency of the health care sector, particularly as it relates to spending. This course is primarily focused on U.S. health care and institutions; however, the business strategies and principles can be applied broadly in health care settings around the world to identify sources of competitive advantage. 

Led by Harvard Business School professor Leemore Dafny, Health Care Strategy will help you align the principles of business strategy with the unique challenges and structures of U.S. health care organizations. The course will enable you to enable you to define the mission of your organization, develop a strategy to create and capture value, and lead your organization to success with confidence.

Combine the best business strategies with the fundamentals of the health care sector in the United States.

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Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care in partnership with the Disparities Solution Center at Massachusetts General Hospital 

How does your organization address racial equity and access to health care?

In Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care, you will not only examine the disparities that exist when serving a diverse population, but also approach each inequity head-on to learn more about the causes and how to eliminate these issues. By focusing on data collection and performance measurements unique to your organization, you will identify how core issues in care quality of ethnic and racial minority groups, which are often multifactorial in nature, contribute to poorer health outcomes, lead to higher costs, and exemplify low-value health care.

Offered in conjunction with the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, this course will use real-world examples, case studies, and insights from leaders in the field to help you digest the latest in understanding racial disparities in health care — allowing you to create strategic approaches that you can apply to your organization. You will learn how to harness and analyze data, how to visualize and communicate the results, and use feedback from stakeholders to begin closing the gap.

Remove racial biases and barriers. Improve equality in health care.

Applications for the first cohort of this course open on November 16, 2022. Sign up to stay updated and apply to be one of the first to earn your certificate in Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care!

More Health Care Leadership Courses In Development

Harvard Online is currently developing additional courses On Health Care Leadership: 

  • Health Care Teaming: Coming in 2023!

Learn more about the Harvard Online Health Care Leadership series.

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